In this digital age, streaming services have become the go-to platform for music enthusiasts worldwide. Among the many options available, one platform has risen to popularity, thanks to its extensive music library and user-friendly interface: Spotify. Yet, as much as we love the service, the one thing holding many users back from enjoying its premium features is the paywall. However, there are ways to break through this barrier and get Spotify Premium for free. In this article, we will uncover some methods that allow you to access Spotify’s premium features without spending a dime.

Before we delve into the methods, it’s essential to mention that these techniques might technically be against Spotify’s terms of service, and we encourage our readers to support the artists and rights holders by purchasing a premium subscription if they can afford it. Nonetheless, for those who can’t or won’t pay, the following methods might be useful.

1. The student discount:
If you’re a student, Spotify offers a special discount that provides access to Spotify Premium at half the regular price. Simply visit the Spotify website, go to the student discount section, and verify your student status through an eligible educational institution. This method gives you a taste of the premium experience without breaking the bank.

2. The free trial:
Spotify offers a free 30-day trial of its premium service, allowing you to explore all the features unrestricted. Just remember to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends if you don’t want to continue with the paid version.

3. Use Spotify’s ad-supported version:
Spotify’s free ad-supported version allows you to listen to music without paying, albeit with occasional advertisements. Although this method doesn’t provide access to the premium features, it still offers a vast music library and the ability to create playlists and discover new artists.

4. Create multiple accounts:
With this method, you can potentially enjoy Spotify Premium for free indefinitely. By using a variety of email addresses to register new accounts, you can benefit from the free trial period multiple times. However, keep in mind that this method may violate Spotify’s terms of service and could lead to account suspensions or bans.

5. Collaborative playlists:
Another way to experience some of the premium features is through collaborative playlists. Create a new playlist and invite friends who have Spotify Premium to collaborate with you. As a result, you will be able to enjoy ad-free and offline listening on that specific playlist.

6. Take advantage of family plans:
If you have relatives or friends who use Spotify Premium, you could consider joining their family plan. Spotify offers a discounted rate for up to six accounts living at the same address. By splitting the cost among each member, you can enjoy premium benefits for a lower price.

While these methods provide workarounds to enjoy Spotify Premium for free, it’s important to highlight the value of supporting artists and rights holders. By subscribing to Spotify Premium or purchasing music directly, you contribute to the livelihood of musicians and support the creation of new music. Nevertheless, for those who are unable or unwilling to pay, the methods shared above can offer an alternative way to experience the premium features of Spotify.


By Maria Morales

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