We all love music, and streaming platforms like Spotify have revolutionized the way we enjoy our favorite tunes. With a vast collection of songs and personalized playlists, it’s no wonder why millions of people have subscribed to Spotify premium. However, not everyone can afford to spend money on a monthly subscription. Luckily, we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you get Spotify premium absolutely free.

1. Take Advantage of the Free Trial: Spotify offers a 30-day free trial for their premium subscription. This is the most straightforward and hassle-free method to access all the premium features. You’ll have unlimited skips, ad-free streaming, and the ability to download songs for offline listening. Just make sure to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends to avoid any charges.

2. Family Plan Hack: Spotify’s family subscription plan allows up to six people living at the same address to share one premium account. You can create a family plan with your friends or find others online who are willing to share the account. This way, you can enjoy all the premium features while splitting the cost with others.

3. Spotify Premium Deals: Keep an eye out for promotions and special deals offered by Spotify. They often collaborate with companies or run limited-time offers. For example, Spotify frequently partners with phone carriers to provide premium access as a part of their mobile plans. Explore such offers and find the best deal that allows you to upgrade without breaking the bank.

4. Student Discount: If you’re a student, Spotify offers a significant discount on their premium subscription. You can verify your student status through their platform and avail of this discounted rate for up to four years. This is a great way to enjoy all the benefits of Spotify premium at a reduced price.

5. Gift Cards and Vouchers: Look out for gift cards or vouchers for Spotify premium available in various stores or online platforms. Sometimes, companies or websites hold giveaways or promotions where you can win or receive these gift cards for free. Make sure to participate and try your luck; you might end up with a premium Spotify account without spending a dime.

6. Participate in Surveys and Rewards Programs: Some websites offer rewards for completing surveys or other tasks. These rewards often include gift cards or cash that can be redeemed for Spotify premium subscriptions. Dedicate some time each day to participate in such programs, and you may be able to uncover a free Spotify premium option.

Remember, while these methods help you access Spotify premium for free, it is essential to support artists by listening to their music legally. Using these tips, you can enjoy all the premium features without burdening your wallet. So, play your favorite songs, discover new artists, and dance to your heart’s content with Spotify premium, absolutely free!


By Maria Morales

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