Spotify is undoubtedly one of the most popular music streaming platforms in the world, with millions of users enjoying its extensive music library and personalized playlists. While its free version offers a decent listening experience, there’s a whole new level of features and benefits to explore with Spotify Premium. However, subscribing to Spotify Premium comes at a cost. What if I told you that you can get a taste of those Premium features without spending a dime? Yes, you heard it right. Here’s how you can save your money and explore Spotify Premium’s features without subscribing.

1. Discover Weekly and Release Radar:
One of the key features of Spotify Premium is its ability to curate personalized playlists. These include the Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists, which are tailored to your music preferences. To gain access to a taste of this feature, simply use the free version of Spotify and follow some artists and genres that you love. You’ll notice that Spotify will recommend new releases and similar artists to explore, giving you a taste of the personalization offered by Spotify Premium.

2. Unlimited Skips:
While the free version limits you to only a few skips per hour, there is a way to bypass this restriction without subscribing. By creating your own playlists, you can add the tracks you want to listen to and skip between them without any limitations. This way, you can enjoy your favorite songs without any interruptions.

3. Download and Offline Listening:
Spotify Premium allows users to download songs and listen to them offline. While this feature is exclusive to Premium subscribers, free users can still enjoy a taste of it. Simply create a playlist with the songs you want to listen to offline and enable the “Available Offline” option. You won’t be able to download them directly on your device, but whenever you have an active internet connection, you can access and listen to these songs without any data usage.

4. Enhanced Audio Quality:
Spotify Premium offers higher audio quality compared to its free counterpart. However, there is a bit of a workaround for free users to enjoy better sound. In the settings menu, you can enable the “High Quality Streaming” option which will upgrade the audio quality. While it may not be on par with Premium quality, it does provide a noticeable improvement for your listening experience.

5. Collaborative Playlists:
Another intriguing feature of Spotify Premium is the ability to create and collaborate on playlists with friends. So how can free users access this option? Fortunately, Spotify allows all users, both free and Premium, to follow and subscribe to collaborative playlists. Although you won’t be able to create them yourself, you can still enjoy the creations of others, expanding your music horizon.

While subscribing to Spotify Premium undoubtedly unlocks a world of convenient features and benefits, it’s worth noting that the free version is still a fantastic option. By following the tips mentioned above, you can enjoy a taste of Spotify Premium without spending any money. So go ahead and explore all that Spotify has to offer, without breaking the bank.


By Maria Morales

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