In today’s world of music streaming, Spotify stands tall as one of the top platforms. With its vast music library, user-friendly interface, and personalized playlists, it has become the go-to choice for music lovers worldwide. However, the only downside to Spotify is its premium subscription fee, leaving many people searching for ways to get Spotify Premium for free.

While it’s important to note that hacking or attempting to hack any software or service is illegal and unethical, there are legal and legitimate methods to enjoy Spotify Premium without having to pay a dime. Here, we will explore some of the ways you can access premium features without breaking the law.

1. Trial Periods: Spotify offers a 30-day trial period for its Premium subscription. During this trial, you can enjoy all the benefits of the premium version, including ad-free listening, unlimited skips, and the ability to download your favorite songs for offline listening. Make sure to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends to avoid any charges.

2. Spotify Family Plan: The Spotify Family Plan allows you to share your premium subscription with up to 6 people living at the same address. By splitting the cost amongst your family or friends, you can significantly reduce the amount you have to pay for a premium account.

3. Carrier Deals and Student Discounts: Many mobile carriers offer special promotions that provide Spotify Premium for free or at a discounted rate with their data plans. Similarly, if you’re a student, Spotify offers a discounted Premium subscription that lowers your monthly fee. Check with your carrier or educational institution to see if they have any ongoing deals.

4. Spotify Gift Cards: Keep an eye out for promotional offers, contests, or giveaways that might allow you to win free Spotify gift cards. These gift cards can be redeemed to access Spotify Premium without spending any money.

5. Reward Programs: Some websites or apps offer reward programs where you can earn points or virtual currency by completing certain tasks, surveys, or watching advertisements. You can then use these rewards to redeem a Spotify Premium subscription.

6. Feature-limited Apps or Modded APKs: This method is not recommended, as it violates Spotify’s terms of service. However, some third-party apps or modded APKs provide access to premium features without a subscription. Be cautious while using such apps, as they may contain malware or compromise your account’s security.

Remember, while it may be tempting to try and hack your way into a premium subscription, it is illegal and unethical. Spotify puts a lot of effort and resources into bringing you a world-class music streaming service, and they deserve to be compensated for their hard work.

Using these legitimate methods, you can unleash the full potential of Spotify without breaking any laws or infringing on anyone’s copyrights. So, try out the trial period, explore family plans and discounts, keep an eye out for promotions, or consider using reward programs to enjoy Spotify Premium for free. Happy listening!


By Maria Morales

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